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Provincetown Brewing Co. (PBC) launched Fall 2018. PBC’s taproom is now open in the heart of Provincetown, MA. Founded on the progressive ideals that make Provincetown great, PBC is passionate about brewing quality craft beer and evoking a sense of community by reclaiming shared, revolutionary, American values, anchored on the iconic geography of Provincetown.

Activism is our ethos. Each PBC product highlights a cause or organization we care about: from LGBTQ+ rights to conservation and more, charities receive a percentage of sales from each product sold. People from far and wide come to Provincetown and love it for its unique character. PBC is the taste that will take you back to Provincetown year round.




5.7% ABV

A traditional, smooth India Pale Ale you can take to the beach.

Brewed with wheat, pilsner and flaked oat malt. Bittered with Mosaic and Hallertau Blanc hops and dry hopped with Mosaic and Citra. The brew is medium bitter with a heavy floral and juicy finish including wine-like notes of a grassy Sauvignon Blanc.

“GOLDEN HOOK”  A refreshingly drinkable Golden Ale.  Brewed with classic pilsner malt and flaked corn. Lightly bittered with Cascade hops and finished with dry hopped Mosaic hops. The brew is mildly sweet, with citrus and floral undertones including notes of crisp apple and grapefruit.

4.9% ABV

A refreshingly drinkable Golden Ale.

Brewed with classic pilsner malt and flaked corn. Lightly bittered with Cascade hops and finished with dry hopped Mosaic hops. The brew is mildly sweet, with citrus and floral undertones including notes of crisp apple and grapefruit.




Crandaddy Sour
4% ABV

A mildly tart sour ale, finished with cranberries for the fruity beer drinker.


The Enchanted Hefe
5.3% ABV

An enchanted hefeweizen with notes of banana, clove, bubblegum and spice. A collaboration with Dorchester Brewing Co.



At Provincetown Brewing Co., we believe that quality craft beer can be an exercise in community building and giving back. Everyone who enjoys a PBC brew is participating in an act of recreational activism. Or as we call it, #draftivism. That’s because we donate 15% of all profits to specific causes and organizations that we believe in - from LGBTQ+ inclusion to environmental conservation and support of a year-round artists community on the Outer Cape. Check out the back of our cans to learn more about our non-profit partners.



Provincetown Commons

What they do: The Provincetown Commons supports creative professionals, artists, small enterprise, scientific and technological projects, and community initiatives through collaborative workspace, shared resources, and educational programs, and economic development initiatives. Through the development and management of accessible space and resources, The Commons serves as a nexus for collaboration, vibrant relationships, and new economic opportunity for creative people in Provincetown. 

Where to find them: 46 Bradford Street



The Generations Project

What they do: The Generations Project preserves the history of the LGBTQ+ movement through intergenerational storytelling. Since LGBTQ+ history has a history of being forgotten, we are dedicated to capturing the stories of Provincetown as a historic LGBTQ+ destination.  Now until Fall 2021, The Generations Project is building the Provincetown 400 Time Capsule, a physical manifestation of LGBTQ+ communities in Provincetown.

Where to find them:



Summer of Sass

What they do: Summer of Sass transforms lives by relocating LGBTQI 18-20 yr olds from oppressive areas in the US to the welcoming community of Provincetown, MA. For years we have been telling young queers “It Gets Better.” Summer of Sass takes the message one step further by showing the next generation what better looks like.

Where to find them: 
IG: @SummerofSass



Provincetown Conservation Trust

What They Do: The Provincetown Conservation Trust preserves the woods, wetlands, dunes and forests of Provincetown, along with the great variety of flora and fauna that call them home. Founded in 1980, the PCT is an essential player in safeguarding Provincetown’s threatened natural habitats, which serve as an important Greenway for migrating birds, key links in the wildlife corridors of Cape Cod, and a vital component of the ecological health of the United States Eastern Seaboard. The PCT currently oversees more than 56 acres in conserved natural habitat throughout Provincetown, advocates for responsible development, and regularly organizes tours and walks to appreciate and maintain Provincetown’s greenspaces.

Where to Find Them: 

IG: @provincetownconservationtrust



We cannot thank everyone enough for coming out for a great night of Flip Cup at Town Hall over Halloween weekend and getting out the vote for the midterm elections.

While the house is flipped, there’s a lot more work to do. Provincetown Brewing Co. is committed to progressive activism in Provincetown and around the country. If you live on the outer Cape, please reach out to the local Indivisible chapter to learn how you can pitch in. For those who traveled to Provincetown, please check out Swing Left to find out what your local chapter is doing.

Also, a huge shout out to The Shack! We are so thrilled we were able to raise $2,500 for the local LGBTQ Welcome Center. Check them out next time you’re in town!

If you haven’t seen the photos from the event with our oversized beer can, you can check them out here.


We want to give a special thank you and congratulations to our Flip-the-House Flip Cup Winners — Team DTF Tokyo Drift: Nick O’Leary, Ross Penkala, Brian Stanton, Josh Durando! We look forward to you defending your title at next year’s event!


A shout out to our Flip-the-House Flip Cup First Losers— Team Shalloween: Endre Boksay, Chris Symmes, Brian Bahr, and Chad Rawlings!




141 Bradford Street
Provincetown MA 02657

Taproom Hours
Mon thru Sat: 9am-11pm
Sun: 9am-10pm

Dog Friendly Patio